Make Sure Your Heart Is In The Right Place Before You Give It To Someone

An open book with torn pages, dog-eared at certain places
Heart on sleeve raw emotions exposed
Every sensitivity triggered and firing
Is the sleeve the right place for it?
Understanding is time-sensitive, and will come by between noon and four
So be home that day, lights on, at home, lights on, is anyone home?
Missed the chance for noisy lucidity, shouting eureka
Swallowing broken glass pill, tearing through the body
Shredding insides that will heal with scars eternal
Scars infernal, always burning, churning, fanning fists
Holes in walls, bloody knuckles, clues abound, inconclusive
“It wasn’t me!” I screamed, I whispered, I tried to remember
Did I say something wrong just now?
Have I gone on too long just now?
Did I come on too strong just now?
Should I be moving on just now?
A shattered vase, I didn’t throw it
If I blacked out and acted out, there’s no way to know it
I just tripped on my own shadow, on frictionless alchemy
Converting feelings to demons all burning inside of me
Ask not what anyone will do for you, because they won’t do anything for you
You’re on your own, kiddo
You’re fully grown and should have known better, and faster, and more
Ships are safer in harbors, but that’s not what they are for
Make sure your heart is in the right place before you give it to someone
Words have meanings, but which ones at which times in which places
Which people get to decide which lines and which edits
Which ghosts get to haunt which precious loved ones
That you cannot help, and cannot fix, and cannot stop
You cannot sleep, you cannot dream
Perhaps you shouldn’t dream, don’t deserve to dream
So you just lay awake, wondering where everything went wrong
What you could have done differently
Until you reach the conclusion
That you could at least have the decency to be alone
When you finally explode and destroy your world


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