He breathed his last breath
For now
And he turned away
What was he thinking?
Was he realizing situation overload?
It’s not life and death
But the circle of life and death
Was it all meaningless?
Did it matter what he meant or what he said?

Silent icicles
Tingling sensations
Was your body asleep just then
Or just your mind?

Do you want him crawling back to you?
Crying, apologizing
Would that make you respect him more?
Is that possible for you?
Do you want him on his knees?
Begging for forgiveness
For something you both know he didn’t do?

He opened his mind again
He kaleidospoke
But you weren’t looking through the glass
So you didn’t understand
And he didn’t try to explain
It’s not there and back
It’s back and forth repeatedly
It finally manifested
Was it not the form you expected to see?

Quiet snowflakes
Shivering senses
Was your body dreaming just then
Or did you actually just wake up?

Do you want him crawling back to you?
Genuflecting on the floor
Would that make you respect him more?
Do you even know what that means?
Should he go over all his mistakes?
Justifying all the actions
You both know he was within his rights to take?