The Heart Wants What It Wants



19 thoughts on “The Heart Wants What It Wants”

          1. Would it bring happiness…? I wouldn’t say I yes or no but the most thing I think is important is going with what you desire; in which the things you desire are also normally determined by your heart. I always listen to my heart.

            It’s better when the brains work together with what your heart says. I hope I said that right haha

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            1. It sounds right. My brain tells me to slow down. My heart is following, reluctantly. Timing and circumstance, timing and circumstance. I fear if I wait, I will lose it. This could be an irrational fear, or my brain telling me something. I don’t know.

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              1. When your heart is following reluctantly I would think it feels that slowing down isn’t the right option. So you don’t slow down, instead you push the brain and follow your heart. Sometimes look at the brain like an engine, it’s there but without the battery, the car doesn’t move but with the charged battery it moves. The battery in this case is the will power coming from The heart. So don’t wait because time also never waits for anyone and if you lose it, you will regret it and that regret will be coming from your heart and it would eat you up.

                I don’t think it’s an irrational fear because I have that fear too sometimes and sometimes I just don’t know whether my heart or my brains are alright. What I do is; in all that confusion, I follow my heart. If it puts me through the worst, I will try and learn from whatever situation it puts me through

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                1. I normally agree completely with what you’re saying, but there may be times when patience is needed. It’s scary, because if you wait too long, you may lose what you want, but if you push too hard, you may also lose what you want.

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                    1. Yeah and it’s something we kind of have to deal with. I hate because I never know which time is the right time. People say ‘it will come when the time is right?” But when is the time right and when is it wrong?

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