Melting Winter Snows

How foolish were we
Waving to ocean-going vessels
That would never return
Each one laden with memories
That we could only read about
Or think about

We who were fiery and warm
Stopped moving and stayed still
Wind and rain and cold colluding
Coating us with a layer of ice
Which we did not resist
Which we did not feel

Watching events and memories
Now flitting around us
Zombies hunting hearts
Stealing parts from each of us
Little by little
While we made no move to stop it

What we once thought was beautiful
What we once thought was a reason
Was cut down and taken away
It seemed elegant and peaceful
But was dangerous and serrated
Harming everyone with its potential

What we once thought was running in place
Treading water, trying to stay afloat
Was suddenly a glacial and obvious flaw
A vivid and ancient frost covering us
If only our eyes would meet
If only our hands would touch

Your breath
My breath
And words emerged from the icy crust
Escaping our lips
Our eyes moved
Our hands moved
We touched and set the world ablaze
Warming our hearts
Shattering the frost
Destroying castles made of ice

The warm wet ground split
The world turned a bit faster
A seedling, a sapling, a shoot
A mighty and elegant tree
Cherry blossoms bloomed and dazzled
Our smiles the sun and moon
Our hearts the ocean and the mountain
Our eyes the everlasting mist of love


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