When you look at me
Sing to me
I melt inside

When you tilt your head
That certain way
Glittering butterflies

Your smoky stare
Constricts my heart
It beats faster

Put your hands on me
Dance seductively
Sing to me

I can’t wait to see
What happens to me
What’s next, my love
What’s next
I am warm inside
I am safe with you
The future’s wide open

I have dreamed of this
Dreamed of you
You’re here

I would pinch myself
Feel nothing
Until you made me real

And we sit by fire’s edge
Side by side
Life in life
Love in love
I’d marry you again
If it could be the same as this

I can’t wait to see
Where we go from here
What’s next, my love
What’s next
I am home with you
I belong to you
You own my very soul

I can’t wait to be
With you again
What’s next, my love
what’s next
Distant echoes
Call us back to nature’s bed