Puddle Jumper

Spring rain scents fill the air
Walking through the aftermath
Small puddles here and there
A decision presents itself
The dilemma evokes a laugh
One, take the space between
The higher drier path
Two, drop right in the middle
Risk a tiny bath
The sky a battlefield of cloud armies
Though sunlight makes a cameo
I am careful not to go too far
And there is still the chance that I
Might happen upon a passing car
That makes the decision for me


13 thoughts on “Puddle Jumper”

      1. You probably should see it. Well, you don’t even have to see the entire thing. Youtube “Bridges of madison county end scene”. I think you’ll find it pretty easily.

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          1. I’ve had a really nice year of doing nothing. If that makes sense…
            I’ve had very little to no motivation to write and purge my feelings. I think its because I’m happy. 🙂
            Painting, has been placed on the back burner also. Once again, zero inspiration. Whats up with that???

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