That past you cherish so
How far do you think it will go?
It’s no more
Live in the now
Go from here
Can you walk with me?

The distance that you crave
Frozen in time is still frozen
It’s back there
Eyes on the road
Look ahead
Won’t you come with me?

No you’re not like you used to be
Why does that have to mean
You’re worthless to me?
Why does that have to seem
An unattainable event?
Why endlessly repeat that experience?

The sacred room behind locked door
Is a tomb forevermore
Let it go
Stay with me
Stay with me
Are you here with me?

No you’re not like you were
Why would that mean I love you less?
Why does it mean you’re second best?
Why recreate what never will come back?
We can’t move on from here
If you’re stuck in the past