When I first came here
I dropped my troubles at the door
I walked in from the parking lot
Dusting all the chips off my shoulder
Walked through the wall
I was intangible

I came to dance, nothing more
You came by chance
My circumstance, not to roar
Just to purr like your engine

While I walked inside
Someone stole my black bag from the foyer
I shrugged
I didn’t need it anymore, ah
Dusting off the floor with alacrity
Dancing on the sky
I was intangible

Priceless memories
By which I mean worthless waste
Stolen from the trash heap of time
I worked so hard for nothing
Lamented memories
By which I mean I don’t miss a thing
Taken from the sheets of my bed
I shook so hard for nothing

While I slid across the floor
My graceful partner leaped over my head
She did it just by speaking, ah
She thought I was so easily lead
Standing in the air
I was intangible

I came to taste a little more
You came to feed me
Exhilarated, never sore
I could purr like your engine

Unpriced accessories
By which I mean things to discard
Available by stealth or trickery
I worked so hard for nothing
Repentant enemy
By which I mean friend with furtive knife
Taken from my back so gently
I’m bleeding out for nothing