My Phone Autocorrected ‘Love’ To ‘Life’

Morning air catches in my lungs invasively
So frigid my breath exhales involuntarily, violently
Chilling me deeply in exhilarating reflection
Blood from my slashed veins trickles slowly
I experience every droplet exquisitely
Intimately experiencing each harrowing loss
Repeated countless errors
Fingers covered in gloves of frozen crimson
The dripping abates to a wintry pace
The heartbeat of life itself bleeding icy roses
My heart worn on fresh clean pressed sleeve
Ensuring that under my arctic gaze
I shall be the first to recognize
The moment it ceases to function


8 thoughts on “My Phone Autocorrected ‘Love’ To ‘Life’”

      1. My phone corrects things in the craziest ways! I have a newer contact in my phone and his name is Brian and it tried to autocorrect it to brilliant once and THAT would have been ridiculous! The other time it tried to type Asian. Who knows where my fingers were or what it was thinking.

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  1. My phone does that all the time, and I actually pause on it, because more often than not the two can be swapped and still make sense. My phone also does not seem to understand how little I speak about ducks ๐Ÿ˜‰ The imagery here is hauntingly beautiful. You made me feel the coldness. Thank you.

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