At Least The Blade Came From The Front This Time

Subversive self-deprecating second intention
A convincing feint which played on compassion
Secretly, the battlefield carefully preordained in wicked splendor
Unsuspecting combatant unarmored, unarmed
Disarming charm now the hamartia
A point-in-line which preyed on compassion
Presenting submission furtively en garde
The resultant fleche piercing heart
Words unspoken spilling from ancient scars heretofore unknown
Unwitting combatant unaware, unconcerned
The pas de deux of hidden blade and sudden revealed antinomy
A convincing victory, the duel won through duplicity
The outcome of the overarching war another matter entirely


It’s what you feel but you might not want it

14 thoughts on “At Least The Blade Came From The Front This Time”

  1. I completely forgot about Days of the New. I listened to this video and then Touch, Peel, and Stand which was my favorite back in the day. I feel like that song combines your two poems (this and neon and the moonlight)!

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      1. Oh god this song is incredible. Your poems have this same effect. Are you talking about me, or yourself, or someone else? “I can’t seem to get you..I want you to know me…” I feel like I say it as much to myself as any object of my affections.

        How do we feel so much, but know so little?

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        1. That song I used to think of as romantic. Lately, I think this song is gratitude to someone for taking the time to understand us, or a plea for a connection to continue, or even a dialog between disparate parts within ourselves. Many layers. Or as Travis Meeks puts it, a one-track mind for many trains.


          1. It puts me in mind of Schism by TOOL. Maynard’s lyrics are a similar idea.

            From hearing Days of the New, I decided to get into my High School playlist. I have Korn going right now 😂

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            1. I know the pieces fit, cause I watched them fall away.

              What an appropriate song right now! I need to study those lyrics more deeply. How meaningful now!

              Pure intention juxtaposed will set two lovers’ souls in motion
              Disintegrating as it goes testing our communication

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              1. ☺☺☺ they’re seductively (my phone autocorrected addictively either works!!!) layered. Then, as you listen to the music, you realize the bass and guitar are fucking with you. Who do you sway with? You can’t sway to both, you feel the rhythm in each, but they don’t go together. Yet they do.

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                1. They have claimed a song was written in 6.5/12 time. I think it was Lateralus. If you want to see something amazing, look for a piano cover of that song. This guy plays the guitar part with his right hand, the bass part with his left, and sings it too!

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              2. It’s as if the two wrongs make right, all the imperfections can be made whole as long as you listen to the beauty of all rather than the sound of one..:

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