I have often been wary of using someone else’s words to express what I feel, even if properly cited. The words of another person are an embodiment of what that person feels at that time, and my reprise of those words is simply my interpretation indicative of what I am feeling at the time I share them.

I think that no matter what is being expressed, each of us can always imagine and formulate something that is a superior verbalization of ourselves, given enough time and care*. This individual expression becomes our thoughts personified, the lexical beacon that guides others to our comfortable places. Using quotes never quite captures our essence in the way that writing from our hearts does.

I am not disparaging the use of quotes! Everyone speaks a different language, using words slightly or dramatically differently. Quotes are often a useful shorthand, a temporary translation that works well enough to get us through while traveling through the strange lands that are the thoughts and feelings of others. So we use them as guideposts in our own respective landscapes.

Some of them are quite brilliant! One could spend years of contemplation before devising wiser or more informed lines or sayings. They are finished, already. Accept the genius of those who came before, and be inspired to create genius of your own. You have it within you.

*see also, metaphors