Advocate for tone modulation
Champion impervious (fragile) bubble
Command gravitas for oblivion dust
Untouch, unfall, discaress, antikiss
Ignore worlds ablaze, becindered, ashen
Disregard klaxon wailing, clamorous, insistent
Unamor, undazzle, disembrace, antifeel
Uphold miniscule minutiae
Espouse infinitesimal imperceptibilities
Become accustomed to self-indulgent monologous aggrandizements
Protest, presenting (unjustifiably) indignant contumely
Forsake rational discourse
Minor transposition of syntax requires outsized attention
Insignificant datum demands distracting undulation
Of course, silence negates disharmonious animosity
Belaying productive discourse indefinitely
Indefinite being the preferred modus operandi
In circumstances where culpability is incontrovertibly imputable