When An Unstoppable Force Meets An Immovable Object

Advocate for tone modulation
Champion impervious (fragile) bubble
Command gravitas for oblivion dust
Untouch, unfall, discaress, antikiss
Ignore worlds ablaze, becindered, ashen
Disregard klaxon wailing, clamorous, insistent
Unamor, undazzle, disembrace, antifeel
Uphold miniscule minutiae
Espouse infinitesimal imperceptibilities
Become accustomed to self-indulgent monologous aggrandizements
Protest, presenting (unjustifiably) indignant contumely
Forsake rational discourse
Minor transposition of syntax requires outsized attention
Insignificant datum demands distracting undulation
Of course, silence negates disharmonious animosity
Belaying productive discourse indefinitely
Indefinite being the preferred modus operandi
In circumstances where culpability is incontrovertibly imputable


13 thoughts on “When An Unstoppable Force Meets An Immovable Object”

  1. Aaahhh you just ate my brain!! I need to spend a while on this one. Was this you pondering Schism?? It feels similar in tone. It reminds me of Maynard, but and I swear to you this has no flattery, I like this more

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      1. Agreed – I love thinking on his lyrics, I always find nuance. I would say I have two loves – Corey Taylor and Maynard James Keenan – they’re my go to’s in everything. Beautiful poetry thank you for sharing it.

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          1. Incubus fave song is The Warmth, fave Deftones – Passenger, which has Maynard in it, so it’s the BEST of both worlds hahahahaha. Agreed all around. I go to all three to turn off while getting turned on, if that makes sense? Not sexy time, but the way they f with my mind is the best. That’s why I like this so much – I have to sit here and swirl it over and over.

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            1. Incubus, I like Wish You Were Here and Drive, which I also love to sing. Deftones, wow. Shoegaze and metal, so Digital Bath and Sextape, and also You’ve Seen The Butcher and Change. Tool, Schism, Lateralus, Aenima,…

              Plus Judith and Three Libra from A Perfect Circle.

              But my favorite band of all time is the Gazette, who are Japanese. Since you like Tool, a good entry to Gazette is 13 Stairs [-1], and then Burial Applicant. Maybe Ogre, Headache Man, and Leech.

              Sorry. I always try to get people into the Gazette, lol

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              1. For TOOL, all you said plus Third Eye.
                APC – by and down, outsider, Magdalena, Orestes (did you see they’re releasing new music this year???)

                Okay, I will wrap up the King 810 song, and I will give all of these a listen and report back. Please do not ever apologize or hesitate to give me bands. Hahaha I work from home. Music is 24/7

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              2. AAAHHHHH DUDE!!! This is awesome. Just… no words. I’m literally grinning! I’m listening to 13stairs again, then I’ll go to Ogre, but I was hooked immediately. Thank you so much!!!!

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                1. The thing about the Gazette is that they have music in literally every rock genre, and some pop genres too. Their latest album is nearly all metal, but they have ballads, midtempo, noise rock, punk, dubstep, everything.
                  I tend to like bands with variety. 🙂


  2. Me again. Okay – I went for an insanely long drive…usual car contemplation, I guess. Anyway, what I loved about this poem is the words. You painted this massive, confusing picture, but as you read it, get into the flow of the words, it becomes very logical, pointed, direct. I had to re-read a few times, to kind of… combine everything together, because each word in and of itself stands out. Then, as I thought about it more, I realized I like it because a) I am obsessed with words and vocabulary, and b) I like it because it feels exactly like my life right now – to me, this is an argument with me. Arguing with myself – up and down, exactly as you describe. Finally, exhausted, it gets tabled for another time, because I think the reason I’m arguing with myself is right there, even though I don’t want to say it or look. The only argument I can never win is the one I fight with me…

    Back to The Gazette – Okay, so I listened for like 1-2 hours during my drive. I see exactly what you are saying about all of the different genres and it was awesome. It took me awesomely out of my head which was a needed respite. In addition to the ones you said (loved) I also really liked Reila, Taion, Distress & Coma. Thanks again – for the poem and the band!

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    1. Your interpretation of this is as good as any. It’s definitely an argument, and definitely being set aside, to deleterious effect.

      I’m so glad you like the band! For easy translation, go to JPopAsia and look up Gazette. Someone has written out the kanji, romaji and English for all the songs, unless they are just English. I think you would like Cockroach, the 2009 Peace and Smile Carnival version of Discharge, Until It Burns Out, and Mob 136 Bars, but also Last Heaven, Silly God Disco, Regret and Gentle Lie. Probably Fadeless, Remember The Urge, Ibitsu, Yoin…. lol sorry.

      Here’s the link to JPopAsia. http://www.jpopasia.com/thegazette/discography/

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