(Sort Of) Damocles 

Numb feeling nothing
The shock of last night’s disheveled chardonnay
Creating dissensate tranquility
Exhilarations becoming ardor and ardor to detect
Cessation of emotion
Absorbing light, heat, sound,
Mindful of mindways nudging closer to the exit
Preparing for purposeful movement
Wordlessly, but not silently
Irrespective of sentiment, but not unfeelingly
(Do my feet even touch the ground?)
The swordsmith in my soul crafts the finest katana
To minuscule degree for battle
With overwhelming purpose, an opus for its own sake
For its own beauty, dangling perilously
It may plunge into my icy depths
It may be rendered ineffectual by my graceful newfound martial prowess
Or, it may hang overhead forevermore, threatening doom
No, reverse that metaphor
This is no opulent life of luxury and power
No pining away at fever dreams
It is simply life, lived honestly
Perspective kindly and adamantly reveals that instead
I hang suspended precariously over the keen-edged blade
Supported by the slenderest of threads
Slowly remembering how to fly


20 thoughts on “(Sort Of) Damocles ”

  1. I thought to myself earlier – “you finally have it, time to learn how to fly” I have chills right now. I hope you are doing well. I keep meaning to babble to you about GazettE – I listened to everything Spotify had 🙂

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    1. You just think of flying before you sleep, and then you can do it in your dreams. For whatever reason, I can always fly. Never too high, but how high do you need, really? lol

      Flying in reality is even easier, because you control reality, make your own reality. Or, should be able to.


      1. Haha good question? I’ve always been able to fly in my dreams, and sometimes quite high, as there were mountains to get over…had some pretty close calls though! 🙂
        The reality thing, I think it depends on the definitions, of all those words, flying, reality, control…

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    1. Forever! I love the beauty of poetry and the rhythm when it exists. Imagery, especially when uniquely presented, is very intriguing to me. Lyrics have a framework that can seem limiting, particularly in rhyming, but that is why I like Japanese music – expression is more important than form.

      I have been inspired lately, and have written quite a lot. My dirty little secret – sometimes I post things I wrote years ago that seem to fit my current state.

      I am anxious to hear your description of my style. 😊❤

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