Rocks glass, two parts spiced rum, four parts soda
One part love, over ice
Held, savored, held…
The dawning
Change, a perpetual constant, except
Disordered deflection shielding sensibilities
Trusted loved surprising gift, wisdom
Chemical processes within central cortex, static
Mandible involutarily reacts
Voicelessly whispers confirmation, upon journey toward the floor
A sip, a swallow of the savory celebratory elixir
Grip loosens

The central theme
Show with high production values, so realistic
Immutable, impeccable script
Casting call willingly and naively answered
Prefabricated spontaneous lines rehearsed, perfected
Disordered melodrama on every channel
(A hit in the flyover states)
Respected treasured authority, unexpected commentary
Solidified confirmation
Somewhat violent close examination of central palm, a compulsion
A generous swallow, glorious aftertaste, bitter aftermath
Grasp relaxes

The coup-de-grace
A strange and wonderful show, expertly executed lovingly
Dissertation with surprise ending
Externally administered, warmth and dread battle for dominance
Scientific analysis confirms sacrosanct conclusion
Disordered surfaces, catalogued excavations
Reticent acceptance
A course of action imminently measured
A final quaff, hold loosening
Purchase restored averting calamity
Nevertheless, something shatters