Far Eyes

This overdrive had him going for a while. The rev of the engine. The
cool air coming in the window. Peaceful and calm, for a morning. And
everything seemed fine.

Her pain had subsided for the moment. She felt alive for the first time
in days. Spring had become her spirit.

He thought of her throughout the day, taking his phone out to look at
pictures of her. They exchanged sweet nothings in text form, making new
memories, making each other laugh. They made a date for Friday. She was
excited. He was thrilled.

This relationship was multi-tracked. On one track was a brand new love.
On another, a calm and wise companionship. On still another, bitter
disrespect tinged with the feeling that love would never entirely
disappear. And another – passion rising and falling like hot and excited

The day approached. They rarely had such moments to share with each
other. Something always intervened. Someone always needed one or the
other, or both. Time was becoming more valuable. Time with each other
more valuable still.

The day came. They smiled.


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