Oceans In Your Eyes

I feel like living tonight
I’ll show you how to feel the stars
You show me how to greet the dawn
I’ll make the coffee and you make us whole again
You’re better at healing us than I am
I feel so trusted in your eyes

This house I’ve never seen before in this way
Light streaming through unadorned windows
Telling us stories in the mist
Upon wishing for no more wishing
Unchanging changes both of us
Into our own better selves

I look at the world through the oceans in your eyes
How you dive to the bottom and never drown
You look up at me remembering phantom wings
How I used to fly too high, but you grounded me
We look into eyes of blue and green
Reminding us how earth and sky always meet on the horizon



7 thoughts on “Oceans In Your Eyes”

  1. You gave me feathers again!!! I love how your words make me fly. Amazing how the masculine teaches the feminine to fly, and the feminine teaches the masculine to sit. I watched it in my house today. The boys were frenzied and kinetic. Absolutely draining. Thankfully, I have my daughter, and we sat and created, while they danced about like lunatics. Then, I went outside, looked up, and realized, well fuck dude it’s a full moon. I grounded down in gratitude, and I howled up at that moon. Fuck ’em all, I gotta learn to fly when I am ready. I only just learned how to sit. I just remembered I create. Amazing how much I didn’t know that I knew. Amazing how much I will learn. So very, very, very grateful for your beautiful words. I hope you get the rest you deserve tonight.

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