Altruism Versus Sarcasm

If overthinking burned calories, I would slowly disappear. Still… 

Who gets someone a gift card for a massage for their birthday, and then gets mad when they use it? So altruistic and thoughtful!  Not to mention it defeats the purpose of a massage, which is to RELAX! So thanks so much for that sensual, considerate and heartfelt gift with all the fucking strings attached. Seriously.   


11 thoughts on “Altruism Versus Sarcasm”

    1. No I did not. Thanks for laughing at my pain. You should be ashamed of… Lol I’m kidding. You did make me laugh! Thanks.
      It was a rough Saturday. If you get a 90 minute massage and are more stressed afterward, that’s no bueno.

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      1. It totally defeats the point if you are more stressed after. Hope you’ve been able to shrug it off by now. If I told you I was dressed head to toe in 80’s attire, would that make you laugh? About to head into a club and my friend (whose birthday it is tonight) better appreciate the effort I have made tonight. I’m even rocking a side pony…

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          1. Yeah it was fun. Lots of dancing and singing. Woke up hoarse and sounding like Kathleen Turner. Hope you are doing better and can let it go. I know how frustrating things can get sometimes. Laughter is always a great distraction for me.

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