Harmony Makes Life Sound So Much Better

Everyone of course determines for him- or herself what actions to take in life. How to think, what to say, what to do, how to live – these are all up to individuals.

But I can’t just do it alone. It’s not in my nature. I am not the dictator of my life. I’m the president of my life. I still ultimately decide every action I take. I just can’t do it without other people. They counsel and guide me, serve as experts in their respective fields, advise me on proper courses of action. If I arrive at a conclusion on my own, how can I possibly know if I’m correct? How would I know if my thoughts were accurate in that virtually solipsist environment?

I think all I would know in that situation was how all things related to me. I would not know how all things related to the universe. I am but a small part of the universe, and regardless of my relative “importance” in it, I am forever insignificant. I’m a niche market. I affect, influence, direct, guide, inspire, captivate only a small subset of all the people and all the life out there, and that’s all I will or can ever do. I will do this to the best of my ability, so that at least my part of this orchestra called ‘life’ is as harmonious and measured as it can be.

I wouldn’t know how I related to the universe either, without asking the universe what it thinks. Other parts have to fit with me and with each other. Some parts may not be ready to perform yet; other parts may be overdue. I must learn this, by asking the universe and its parts when to act, and when to be still; when to sing, and when to be silent; when to perform, and when to rest; and most importantly, when to harmonize.

Harmony strengthens others. In music, harmony makes the melody sound fuller and richer, more nuanced, more pleasant. This is true in life as well. This is why people who are different can still get along so well together. They discover how to harmonize with one another, each singing harmony when the other person sings the main theme.



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