I turned my pain into poetry
I turned your lies and phases into lines and phrases
I changed the way you spoke to me into epiphany
Expressed delicately and honestly
I transformed every disappointment into disarming grace
The disregard in your words became the theme of mine
Your slap in the face was my muse
(Did it hurt you more than it hurt me?)
Its sting my constant visceral inspiration
I used your complacency to create beauty
I fashioned fleeting happiness from your apathy
My dread was the dream behind my words
My fear was the fantasy behind my thoughts
We created such beautiful poetry together, didn’t we?
My blood was the ink
My tears were the words
My soul was the book
My longing was the romance that couldn’t quite find a place
Pensive detachment was my only connection to you
Your disgust my only caress
Thank you for creating this together with me
Writing the end of our story