Nothing Better Than The Real You

I don’t ever want to know all there is to know about you. I want you to be infinite, so there is always more to discover.

After exploring the parts of you that are unknown,Β I will always come back to the part of you that feels like home.

I will keep your stars within myself, so you can always see the sun. I will keep your past in my future, so my perspective never falters, your faith in me never fades. I will taste your pain, searing in your flames, and create from them that fire that burns without stopping but doesn’t hurt somehow.

I will drink from you deeply, though you are the ocean that can never be entirely consumed. I will eat of your bounty, though you are the cornucopia that can never be exhausted.

Every story has an end, but you and I will write more stories and more still, so the story of us is always new. The next story and the next will start and continue as our old stories end. The people we were in the past will become our legacy.

I will sit at your feet and learn from your wisdom. I will sit across from you and bask in your inner beauty. I will smile at you as long as it takes until you are happy, and can smile back. I will be patient.

I will understand who you are, what you are, appreciating every facet, valuing every aspect, treasuring every interaction. You will move as you will, where you will, and I will be here when you return.

I cannot, will not dream of you, when the reality of you is all I want. Every part of you is real, every part known or unknown is equally present, vivid and alive, your essence incarnate.

I will happily learn of you what you share with me. I will eagerly accept what you are willing to give to me. I will expect nothing, enjoin nothing, demand only that you are yourself, so I can know you.

I want you to be infinite. You are real, every single part, even parts I do not know, even parts unknown to yourself. I can see your beauty, your triumph, your healing, your strength. I will never know all of you, and I will never want to. Your mysteries are as much a part of you as your revelations. I love all of you. Just that. The real you.


31 thoughts on “Nothing Better Than The Real You”

  1. I think that one of the most comforting encouraging things is to hear someone say they want to always be learning about you, all your changes and all the things you don’t know to verbalize.
    Most people say they want to know everything about you and that’s a terrifying thing for myself to hear. Not only do I know that some things are so ugly that I don’t want someone to know them but not knowing everything about me myself makes it a daunting expression.
    That you’d know that about people? Fascinating. And you are a wonderful step in front of the majority of people.

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  2. Oh my… Sometimes, I cannot tell if you are writing to yourself or writing to the universe or if it is a love letter to an incredibly, incredibly special woman. In all of those, it’s beautiful. If it’s a special woman, she’s very very blessed. I can only hope that she loves herself enough to see it too. I’m having a bit of a wonky day, but not really wonky. I feel like a lot of weird things are happening, but I’m just trying to roll with it. Too many coincidences, but I’m trying to stay centered. Your rules I read earlier sound very much like twenty one pilots music to me… emotional intelligence tour πŸ™‚

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