I ColorSwear My Tiny Demons 

By request from Sister Madly, here is one of my majestic art pieces. I color adult coloring books for relaxation and amusement. I asked for these for Christmas, along with pencils and markers. 

Lol ‘majestic’… Preschool children can do better. 



17 thoughts on “I ColorSwear My Tiny Demons ”

  1. I so love this, I can’t express. My mother gave me a small colouring book and pencils for the plane because I love it. One of my young teenage friends works in our local news agency. They had a colouring contest for Easter for kids, but I put in an entry. She actually put it in the window but had to take it down as I’m apparently an adult. Hahaha. But it was beautiful if I do say so myself. Yours is pretty darn good…plus mine had the easter bunny in it! I’m sooooooo glad you posted this.

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