Sunny Side Up

I love the morning dew that drips from your eyes when you emerge, happily chilled, from the icy waters
I love the light that streams in through every window, illuminating your shadows into vapor
I love my fondest memories of you
Black asphalt, yellow lines, purest voice
I love how in the peculiar circumstances and vast distances
We still thread the needle, making perfect stitches in time
I love the perpetual feeling of floating on jet streams
Of sensitive contemplation and silent happiness
Not knowing where your winds will take me
But trusting it will be a beautiful place


35 thoughts on “Sunny Side Up”

  1. Your absence has gone through me
    Like thread through a needle
    Everything I do is stitched with its color.
    ~W.S. Merwin

    One of my favorite quotes that is in my heart clearly about my father. Your lines reminded me of it

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