I’ll build a shrine in my heart

Put inside all the wonderful things you ever did
Keep it closely guarded with limited hours and limited patrons
Closed on weekends so no one can visit it but me

I’ll build a prison in my soul 
Put inside all the terrible things you did to me
Lock them away, deep in solitary confinement
So they can think long and hard about what they have done

I’ll build a house with my body
Put inside all the cozy warm feelings we ever shared
Keep the fires burning and the aromas wafting ever skyward
Buried under blankets fresh out of the dryer

I’ll build a landscape under this twilight
Put all the cards on all the tables
Show all the pieces of all the hearts on every sleeve
So we can think long and hard about what we must do

I’ll build us out of pieces of ourselves
Put all the parts we don’t want into a mirror
Keep the option open to reflect on our past mistakes
So we can only remember the good in us


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