Was I the one after all?
Could this toast have been to us?
Hold tightly to this time
It might not be here forever
When the waves crash this sand castle
Then save us both from sorrow
Salt water dripped from us both
When we sat beside the gushing earth
Was it falling from our eyes?
Or did it come from these passionate waves
We sleep upon at night?
This grainy house will crumble
Was I the one who lived on?
The aromas of fresh brews permeate everything
Washing off the painful memories
They have grown up and moved out
Will we lament the empty nest
When everything seems fine?
This water is pure
Neither falling from us nor drowning us
Simply and finally potable
We drink deeply
Listening to strange airwaves
Our stations come in
On two different frequencies
As though we had never met before
Was I the only one who couldn’t sleep?



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