Dear “Future Me”


I use this fun service called Future Me. I have used it several times. Basically, you write an email to yourself and set it to be sent at some future date. Sure, you can use your Outlook or other program to do the same thing, but then the email is always there, tempting you to look at it. When you use FutureMe, you forget you sent it until it shows up in your inbox one day.

In the emails, I usually try to predict what will happen, and give myself some kind of inspirational pep talk. It’s part fortune cookie, part zen, part educated guess, part wishful thinking, part philosophical outlook, and part goal-setting.

So, click the link and send yourself a little message. Try to anticipate your future, or set goals, or wildly guess. You can be as vague or as specific as you like. You can drink your ass off and THEN write the email. Anything goes.

Here’s my letter sent to myself one year hence.

Dear FutureMe,

It’s been a year since I wrote this. I think by the time I get this, I will have changed dramatically for the better, and my life will have changed in numerous ways that I don’t fully comprehend.

Also, I will be happy. Right? Now, FutureMe, I know this is all at your mercy. I have done everything I can, and I leave it up to you to execute these plans. Well, these vague statements.

I have only one question: Is nothing better than the real her? You’ll know what I mean.

Your Past Self


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