I’m killing you gently
It’s the least I can do
You’re throwing yourself at my feet
As though I own you
I don’t want the power
I don’t want the control
I will only order you
If you want me to

I’m solving your riddles
It’s not easy for me
You’re twisting and turning away
As though I’m following
I don’t understand you
I don’t want to lose
I will only figure you out
If you let me

I’m speaking your language
It’s a tongue I used to know well
You’re talking too fast now
As though I can take it all in
I want you to know me
I want you to break me down
I will only let you taste me
If you force it

I’m stealing your soul
It’s a necessarily evil I love
You’re begging for me to stop
As though I was leaving
I can’t be without you
I can’t ever disappear
I will only leave
Holding your hand