Embrace and part

It’s not a love lost
I set it down and walked away
Space in my heart
Has been filled up
With the remains of the day

I couldn’t build anything
From the ground up
Since I wasn’t grounded
I wouldn’t kill anything
But this is over
It pains me to say

We talked all night
Or for an hour
Whichever came first
Turned off the lights
Hoped for the best
Prepared for the worst

In other words
There are no other words
Since everything has been said
I want to save everyone
In oceans of dreams
Still dying of thirst

My X’s and O’s are like yes’s and no’s
I just can’t get anything in a row
At best, I’m morose
I’m a mess and it shows
It’s nothing you don’t already know

Safe in this place
It’s not perfect
It’s the best I can do
It’s my time to waste
And I’ve decided
To waste it on you

I’m not getting anywhere
With this discussion
None of the words seem to fit
I checked out my options
Every one of them
Is long overdue