There once was a man who lived in a forest. He wandered through the forest each day, hunting for food and wood and tending the animals. One day, he went to one of his favorite spots, a towering waterfall that cascaded into a large pool. But today was different. Today, he saw three beautiful women swimming in the pool, and splashing under the waterfall. They were all beautiful, but one in particular caught his eye and made his heart skip a beat. She was a true beauty in his eyes, and he wondered how he might go about meeting her, or at least sending her a message. So he climbed a tree, and silently crept as far as he dared out on a limb to listen.

He heard their conversations about their lives, where they came from, where they were going, and soon the conversation turned to romance and love and the finer things. The one named Atropos mentioned pearls and diamonds, and how they sparkled, and the others nodded. The one called Lachesis spoke of gold and silver, and the others seemed to agree. And the man paid attention as the one known as Clotho talked about stone benches, sand, flowers, plants, large rocks and gazebos.

Soon the women left, and the man quickly set about searching for all the things the women had talked about. He edged the pool with flowers and sand and stone benches and plants, and filled the pool with diamonds and gold, and hung strings of silver and pearls so they streamed down the waterfall and glistened in the sunlight. He slept that day, barely, for he could hardly wait to see the face of the girl of his dreams when she saw what he had done for her.

The next day, he climbed the tree again and waited, and soon the three women appeared again. When they saw the pond and the waterfall, Atropos looked quite pleased, and Lachesis was very pleasantly surprised. However, Clotho was very angry! The others looked at her as she complained very loudly that she had secretly hated all the ostentatious displays of wealth they had been talking about the day before. She loved to come here because the waterfall and pond had been a simple, pure and natural place where she could lose herself in the beauty of it all. Now someone had come along and destroyed it.

The man was heartbroken, but he learned a valuable lesson – sometimes remaining simple and pure, clean and natural, pristine and innocent is the best way to win someone’s heart. And sometimes changing things for other people isn’t what they want.



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