Curated Poetry: Ward Clever Cuts A New Path


I’m featuring bloggers who have written poetry or pieces that I loved, full of elegance and beauty, heartache and longing, sadness and belonging, tearing heartstrings and playing soulful melodies on them. I think you will be inspired by them all. Let them know what you think, and even follow them, and invite them for a cup of coffee.

All the past curated features can be found at Curated Poetry/Stories. Go there to read dozens of amazing poems and stories. You’ll love it.

Nicholas Gagnier – Spiders In Our Sleep

Words On Empty Ears – Truth Be Told

Alphabet Soup Minuscule – Folded

Bercatliz – Frost Haiku

Soliloquy – In the beginning there was you and I

Saynotoclowns – Microcosm

Hands In The Garden – Unconscious

Words From A Little Person – Drift Apart

PoetryofSL – Full Circle

A Not So Jaded Life – Ivory Walls

The Lithium Chronicles – The Long Road Home

JLove’s Wildflowers – Dead Flowers Grow

Hastywords – Lit Hearts

Yaskhan – Radiant

Braveandrecklessblog – Tattered Heart

Ramjet Poetry – Something Beautiful

‘V’ as in Vixen – How I Know The Universe Has My Back

Dreamchaser – Crashing Dreams

Americana Injustica – Inward

Professional Over-thinker – Aphrodisia

Dreams of a Dying Scientist – Medicine

PolysyllabicProfundities – A Place In The Woods

Beth Tremaglio – In This America

Lois E. Linkens – Dirty Dilemma

Life In A Blog – Blame It On Me

Heartstring Eulogies – Lonely Nights

Hridya Khatri – MOM (to the person, no dictionary can explain)



Enjoy all these fine people and their poetry and stories!

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Ward Clever’s Curated Poetry/Stories




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