Inspirational Apathy

I’m uninspired
so I’m afraid it’s meta for me
A piece about writing
when you don’t have
anything to write about
Feeling uninspired
is one of the worst feelings
a person can face
Or it would be
if I gave a shit
See, to feel inspired
you need to care
and I am apathetic
at the moment
I barely care enough
to write this down
And on top of that
this is a Random Enter Poem
meaning I typed it out
and then randomly hit enter
in various places
to give it the illusion
of being poetry
A Random Enter Poem
is clearly prose
disguised as poetry
with most of the punctuation removed
It looks all poetic
but sure enough, it isn’t
How do you know you’re finished?
Your word creation
slowly loses the will to live
until eventually, you just stop typing
and hit either delete or publish

This artificial space
was inserted to give the illusion
of the introduction of a second theme
that dovetails with the first
but it’s actually the same shit
in a new paragraph
Sorry about that!
I could have warned you
I suppose
but I didn’t
You can stop reading now
if you like
I won’t mind
My goodness
this is an awful lot of words
for not caring
I almost belie my earlier words
except I don’t care
so at least that part is true
Is it time to stop?
Maybe it’s time to stop
a lot of things


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