It Goes In One Ear And Stays Forever

You’re only showing me the tip of the iceberg
You’re only telling me what you want
I only see what’s on display
It goes without saying so I won’t say it

You’re barely showing me a hint of a problem
You’re barely telling me anything
I only know what my senses tell me
It goes in one ear and stays forever

Every shape fits together
In intricate designs
Every day bleeds together
In intimate confines

You’re quite justifiably reluctant
You’re undeniably reticent
I only hear what you think I want to
The elephant but I won’t mention it

You’re always taking your time with something
You’re storing up all your energy
I only feel the end times coming
I’m innocent but I serve the sentence

Every moment eclipses us
In unfathomable depths
Every motion ellipses us
In intangible breaths

You’re invisible – you never loved me
You’re only thinking of the image of us
I only say this ’cause I feel it inside
I’m only telling it like it is

You’re the poster child for doing nothing
You’re the epitome of apathy
I only feel all the negatives
I see the truth when you laugh at me

Every twilight the fires go out
In sizzling steam
Every moonlight inspires doubt
In shimmering beams


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