I sliced the horizon with distant blade eyes
Played among the heartstring tombstones
Hid from all the bittersweet history
Laid in a field listening to the symphony of nature
Rain fell
Snow fell
Winds blew me away
But I kept that a secret between me and the other me

I walked on wave crests looking down at desert sands
Sipped juice from ripe select triumphs
Watched a number of classic memories
Stared at the sky watching for chaotic patterns
Time passed
Life passed
I caught a hint of you
And I held that forever between here and the everywhere

I looked at life through dandelion eyes
Saw everything from multiple facets
Sat in a bathtub full of glory and wine
Surrounded ourselves with candles, music, and a setting sun’s rays
Time stopped
We stopped
You kissed me gently
But I kept that a secret between you, me and the universe