Passing by
Life is passing by
Someone passes me by
I wanted a connection with
The feeling I get
It carries on
It carries on
It’s so easy to leave behind
Or be left behind
So many possibilities
So many truths to uncover or deny
Fleshed out meaning
Not meaning to hurt
But it is possible
That I’m invisible
By my own intention
Pushing away
Life is being pushed away
Someone is being pushed away
Temporarily wanting no part of
The feeling I get
It wears me out
It wears me out
It’s so easy to close the door
Or throw up walls
So many reasons
So many excuses to pull the plug
Frozen from the inside
Not meaning to chill
But it is possible
That I don’t know what I’m doing
By my own admission
Pissing away
Life pissing away
Time with someone being pissed away
Evidently confused about my part of
The feeling I get
It’s all molecules
It’s all just molecules
They’re all touching
Changing each other
Aside from the ones
That are noble but inert
Unable to react