Memes And Dreams

I wrote some of these. Others I shamelessly ripped off. 

I actually know the answer to that one. 

And happy, too. 

Let them have the mask. I’ll take the person behind it. 

Two of the right people are brilliant together. 

Yes, and patience, compassion, care, understanding… 

Or who stay with you while you heal. 

Just listen, and you can understand their silence. 

My reason to smile. Always. 

Endless? Well, yes. Of course. I said I wouldn’t leave, I’m not going anywhere, and I’ll never die. 

We all need peace. 

All my demons fear you, knowing you can vanquish them easily.  


13 thoughts on “Memes And Dreams”

  1. 🙂 You are so awesome Brian ❤ ❤ I thought of you in the car earlier – The Chainsmokers song came on, saying about being clever. I don't even know the song name. It goes… "if we go down then we go down together"

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