More ColorSwearing

So relaxing, lol


9 thoughts on “More ColorSwearing”

      1. It depends on what you would like to achieve in your colouring. You can try to do some blending first with a light coloured pencil, white pencil, vaseline or solvent like babyoil. It will smooth the scratchy lines you get with colouring and it will brighten the colours up. How well it wil blend, depends on the pencils. (in a colouringbook you can’t use babyoil or other solvent, that will bleed trough the pages)

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          1. I couldn’t either! I wish! But beside my colouringbooks, I also print free download colouringpages on drawingpaper. Then I can use water and solvents if I want to ;).
            Hope the white pencil works for you and if you have vaseline, dip the point of the white pencil in it. Whipe it off with a towelpaper to clean the pencil again.

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