A Quick One

We said our goodbyes
After the love was gone
And I took the time to count my money
And check my phone

In the sexy moonlight
This hamburger tasted like chicken
And it was
But I ate it anyway
Just like I ate my words when I said I loved you

I don’t really love you
And I’m not calling you tomorrow
This is a fake number anyway
It calls the National Rickroll Hotline
So our love was a lie
And I don’t know how I will ever forgive y-
Hi there!
Where have you been all my life?
You’re something new
Something international
Or someone, actually

I speak the language of pain
I speak the language of sorrow
I speak the language of heartache
I speak the language of love
And of course, you know, I speak English
Or else how else could I convey the other things?
Frowning a lot?

This love poem is dedicated to all the girls
That I have ever loved
Although in retrospect that number
Seems a bit high
Almost as high as I must have been
When I told some of these people I loved them

I held the pee of sadness
Looking for the bathroom of release
Frantically searching for the toilet of comfort
Until I finally had to go to the tree of bitterness
For several minutes
And then the toilet paper of sincerity
Fell into my face
And I wiped away the pain
Also, it looks like this house has been TP’d
That’s a lot of wiping
And a lot of pain

Will this poem ever be over?
Will it end the hatred and the depression?
Well, yeah
I can’t keep writing forever about you, baby
On this smart phone
Whatever that means
It’s from the heart
Or whatever organ applies
In this situation
Probably a Hammond


11 thoughts on “A Quick One”

  1. This is so amazing Ward. There is also absence of humour, I like the hamburger line and the way this poem is artistic.

    I always say it, you are an amazing poet


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