Marilyn and Swayze

Written with Laundry Maid

We slipped and fell on the black ice
Falling down, laughing but in pain
We didn’t spill a drop
Yet, we were wet with sweat, salty
We were running
Running from ghosts, and uncertain futures
We were together, tight like carbonation in a bottle

We ran in every direction
At times our hands touched, guiding our movements
At times our bodies embraced, skin crackling
We didn’t waste any time
But still, we spilled the wine we poured,
And sat silently, like birds in branches,
Watching as the wine melted into the carpet
We don’t clean up the mess

The crimson stain set in
Like the marks on our hands, from contact
We laughed about it then, looking out windows
We didn’t let go
We were strong once,
A little Marilyn and Swayze
Beauty and strength
Yet, without stars, without pictures of these moments

We slipped away in the black night
Falling down, smiling into the mirrors
We didn’t speak a word
Reflected in eyes of blue and hazel.
And we slipped away in the morning fog
The dew making a home in between our toes,
A home, in one place, at one time
Watching the mirrors smile back at us


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