Medulla Medusa Meguru Me And You

Verbal violence is making me sick
Normal silence followed by an audible click
Caustic atmosphere is chokingly thick
Agnostic in my belief in a perpetual trick
I don’t like this any more than you do
Body and mind a centerpiece of voodoo
Take care of yourself, it hurts me if it hurts you
Awareness of pain is certainly what I’m used to

I’m always the villain in all of your stories
I break the rhythm so you can’t ignore me
This pattern
This mad hatter
This tea party
You, one woman nuke
Me, one man salvation army
Your rebuke, condemnation that never does harm me
My command, your perdition that never does charm me
On one hand, this version is circling the drain
On the other, desertion could kill all the pain


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