A Fortunate Mid-Afternoon Occurrence

Doom and gloom and depression
Downward spiral
Dark chasm of despair
Agony of painful memories
Suffering and sorrow
Burning pits of crushing anguish
The perdition of end times
Bitter pills to swallow
Everything is terrible
I hate my life

There’s coffee now?

Kittens and bunnies and rainbows
Being kissed by baby unicorns
Flying on a cloud with fairies
Dazzling stardust and glitter
Gleaming sweet nectar of life
The sun is shining
Happiness all around
Super fun times for everyone
Everything is beautiful
I love the universe


57 thoughts on “A Fortunate Mid-Afternoon Occurrence”

          1. I get distracted by gorgeously covered journals. I have a heap. That I’ve lost. I live in constant fear I’ve written things I shouldn’t have and someone else will find them. However, I still buy the journals. They’re cool. And/or pretty. But hard to write in. I’m using one now from Sedona. God knows who will find that one day…

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                    1. yes, I am sure I do. Some things haven’t left me and occasionally people here ask me about it. An English salesman came to the door recently and asked me right away where I was from, he thought maybe I was Irish because of my AAARRRRRs lol.

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          1. On all the shows I watched growing up, people wrote in pencil. We only did that as kids. By a certain age, we were expected to have more commitment or something…I really don’t know. I just remember getting to the States and discovering this to be true! Hence the reason I believe everything I watch and read about the US 🙂

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                  1. Haha nooooooooooooooo That was the best thing about living there, finding out all kinds of great stuff not in the media. Did you know that news programs lie? And Hollywood makes up shit? Yeah, it’s shocking. 🙂
                    (I WAS disappointed that it wasn’t like the Cosby Show though, haha that’s kind of a weird story, but Colorado was awesome socially, mostly…imho)

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