I Whispered To The Wind

I ask the water
How do I channel feelings
Water quenches the trees
Trees become books
Pages open
They say


I talk to the wind
Whisper words of love
Wind carries it up to clouds
Clouds reflect my message
The sun can see
It answers back


Do the rays reach?
Can it convey my words?
Does it share my feelings?
Will they be felt afar?
Will they be returned?


I hope it’s enough…



8 thoughts on “I Whispered To The Wind”

  1. I thought of this poem over and over. I stared at the moon in awe, I saw a black bird flying overhead, I think it was a raven. Then, I saw the blue skies – too blue, too beautiful, and I thought again. I thought of how the clouds seem to change constantly, but they always appear happy to me now. It may sound corny, but before they always seemed ominous. I’ve started seeking the sky behind the clouds…the sun, even if it’s hidden.

    I woke up with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euCqAq6BRa4 stuck in my head… Kinda embarrassed it’s the Biebs, but I actually love this song. I’m a dork.

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