Beginning Of Madness

I struck a bargain with the winter man.

“I agree. I have no choice. It calls to me. Compels me.”

“You should not be here. It’s too strong for you. I hate to see this kind of thing happen to a good man like you, but, there you are.”

“So once I do it…”

“That’s right. You get what you came for.”

I had a hard, difficult, terrible job to do. So I stalked my prey, quietly and efficiently, like I’ve done many times before.

He was a gambling man, but he was unlucky. Obviously, or else he wouldn’t have me to contend with. Though, if things went well, he would never know of me, of my kind. I walked in his footsteps, unbeknownst to him.

He window-shopped with his woman – whether she was a mistress, a daughter, a wife, a girlfriend, I did not know, and did not care. My skills were such that she would discover his body, but never know of my existence.

I changed disguises 7 times during my tracking of this man. Eventually, as expected, he entered a nondescript door in a nondescript and unlit doorway, woman in tow. And I entered the same door, slipping by the guard with ease. The breath powder helped, of course.

I waited patiently at the door, having taken the place of the doorman for the time being. Eventually, the target had to relieve himself. I went in behind, using more powder, and finished the job with some pills that he was known to have prescriptions for. It would officially be a suicide. Just as I expected.

I went back to the winter man.

“I’ve done it. Just like I always do. It’s in my blood. I can never recover, never break away. I must always do what is necessary to get what I want, to satisfy my addiction, to be a slave to that which compels me.”

“You are indeed a slave. But you are a useful one. Here is the prize you seek. I will not say goodbye, because I know you will return soon enough.”

The man handed me the one thing that I needed, that I craved. The one thing I could not resist. There was nothing I wouldn’t do for it.

The chocolatey goodness, the vanilla cold sweet creaminess of the Klondike bar was the beginning of my madness.


23 thoughts on “Beginning Of Madness”

          1. this was so convincing I even had a strange dream last night that my sister in law gave me one out of the blue…and I was like, that is so crazy because Brian was just saying how amazing they are, plus her husband’s name is also Brian and the whole thing was weird, and it ended with this squirrel trying to steal it from me…because, obviously, we were in the woods at the time, but in someone’s back yard, or something, I think we were near the beach, wait, that was the next dream…

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