Drift Together Apart

Written with the lovely and talented Laundry Maid

Blurry, moving too fast to follow
Especially with my eyes closed half the time
My glass is half full most of the time
Until it runs out

And it always does.
Still, I’m left wanting one more drop
Even though you know it’s not good for me.
That you’re not good for me.

It was good while it lasted
At least that’s what I told myself
While I was waiting for you to notice
What you were missing,

You didn’t notice me at all.
Or, maybe you did.
And maybe you will still.
When the diamond burns a hole in your pocket,
Who will you give it to?

Will it be a private affair
So quiet that it’s hidden from everyone?
Even yourself?
If you won’t admit I meant anything
At least admit you already left in your mind.

You left for a warmth I couldn’t give you,
Because I was in another place.
And you, you were in yours.
My admissions, lay deep beneath your excuses,
Your justifications for this neglect you have left on my

One more night I drink alone
You’re too interested in the past to fill my glass
Too caught up in yourself to notice my emptiness
Too late with your false apologies

Apologies, when we should instead be kissing.
When we should be laughing and,
Whispering our fears and dreams to one another before we
Instead, we wake up alone, and drift together apart.

What should happen, doesn’t always happen
Wondering what happened is a constant state
Sorrow, a companion to toast
Because it’s always there for you,

I was always there,
Like a cobweb in a corner.
Waiting for another brush off.
Instead, I gather.

I will ride the wind
Smiling gossamer wings
My essence floating onward

Away from you.
Closer to me.


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