Is it just me, or am I arrogant?
Am I so involved in my own head space
That all I think about is
Myself and
My suffering and
My condition?

Even this post…
Is it self-indulgent conceit?
What do you all think about me?
You think about me, right?
Is this whole blog just an exercise
In selfish egotistical promotion of Ward Clever?
Even my name is arrogant.
Am I clever?
Or am I just fooling myself?
Would that make me clever because I fooled myself
Or stupid because I was fooled by myself?

Many of you are probably
Waiting for the punchline
Right now
The only punchline I can foresee
Is a line of people waiting to punch me
Payback, or
Knock some sense into me, or
Just to make themselves feel better

Look at my tags
Depressing as fuck
(Which should become another tag)
Your accusations are my freedom flowing from your mouth
Doesn’t that set me free?
Demons are writing my name next to madness
What the fuck does this one even mean?
How far down does this go
A little easier to understand
This Alice In Wonderland
I pushed skip but the song kept playing
I’m the song you always skip but never delete
Why won’t the next song come on?
Numbness is the new passion
How should I feel about that?
(That’s not even a joke)
Vanishing is an impressively cruel trick
Whosoever leaveth me
Forsaketh my company
Whosoever abandons me
Never needed me in the first place
So you leave me and
You left me and
You never quite came back all the way and
Things aren’t going to be the same
Are they?
(I already know the answer)
They will never be the same or
They never were the same or
They never were
(The answer is no)

The dripping of our communication
Should it become a fire hose or
Should it at least be turned up or
Should someone fix it so it stops?
This has gone on long enough
For various definitions of ‘this’
I have gone on long enough
For various definitions of ‘I’
You have gone
For various reasons
It’s fine and
Everything is fine and
I am fine