High Quality Man

Some very useful and profound things in here. Comment about what you think below.


5 thoughts on “High Quality Man”

  1. No other comments yet??
    I also thought the rowing analogy was excellent. 🙂
    They make good points. I never saw the Twilight series, on purpose too, but I agreed with his point. And that works both ways, that he won’t fall apart or question his worth if his partner isn’t at his beck and call.
    Listening…taking her seriously. This is such a stereotype but we have found it to be true with so many couples when they are at crisis point…he’ll say, he never saw it coming and had no idea, and she will say, but I have been telling you for years…and of course, that can be the reverse as well, we’ve just seen it more the other way.

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      1. yes, of course, it’s complex, obviously, and the nuances, the layers of denial etc, taking each other for granted, assuming wrong things etc etc…the projections, and, well, I suddenly was reminded of the fridge magnet I saw, ‘the other day I was opening a can of worms and I thought to myself, “what the hell am I doing?”‘ lol. ❤

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