It’s fine, not too bad
Today is tolerable
Outside is rainy
Inside my mind is rainy too
My mystic vision is grainy
My lipstick mission is-

Wait, did you just say “lipstick mission” because it rhymed?

My dipstick rhythm is flamey

Come on! Now you’re not even trying.

My tryptic is brainy

That’s just terrible. I can’t even.

Can’t even what?


Can’t even what? You said you can’t even…

No, I didn’t use an ellipsis. I used a period. That meant the sentence was over.

Over what?

OMG, will you stop?

In the silent spring rain
Windows rattling in the mighty wind
Will we go down that road again?
Just let it end?
In the blowing snow
Powder falling on your nose
Cold but never frozen
Life hibernates but never dies
Love waits behind those eyes
Should we fail before we ever try?
Don’t let it end