Chance Encounter In A Library

Written in the comments section  of this post with Tamara of Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Girl, are you a library book? Cause I wanna check you out, take you home, tear your jacket, spill a drink on you and bring you back late

Alright now…Not before I feed your bookworm, stroke your genius, climb your mind, tightly, erupting your pinky

Then I’ll lick your spine, get under your covers, engage in a little foreword, and put you on the table.

And I’ll pull you out my dream, put you back in deeper, make you speak in tongues, drive you til you shiver.

I’ll use my fingers to hold your places, get deep inside you, study your white spaces, run my fingers along your meaning.

Not to waste a taste of the milkshake at hand, I sit on the unbending of your mind’s creamy circumstance .

I grasp your definition, and slide into your syntax, licking the creases and folds of your dripping climax

2 hands I grab your standing jolly rancher, rubbing the lady slipper with your crowns determination, before my sweet tooth’s proof melts you down by skilled persuasion .

Promising aural pleasures everlasting, I stand at your attention, listening to you playing my instrument while I conduct our harmonious sections to crescendo

Momentum speeds up as musicals smacks, makes the wall cave in spraying, the long instrument follows suit spilling its juice, as the tight cradling, continued displaying.


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