Hello, everyone.

I’ve been writing things forever. I have been writing blogs, this one and others, for nearly 6 years. I started blogs for various reasons, but the one reason that runs through all of them is that I wanted to write through my somewhat unpleasant existence, write lamentations of my pain, and write hope for my existence. I enjoyed writing, and loved connecting with people and commiserating with them. But after a few head changes, some thoughts and reflection and introspection, and some strong influences and guidance, whether the guides realized it or not, I have realized one very important thing:

You can’t write your way out of it.

So it’s time to stop writing, particularly for public consumption, and start facing life head-on. I have plans and goals, and I’m ahead of schedule. There are some things I need to take care of, and social media in general has become a distraction from those things. I don’t want to perpetually whine, to repeat mistakes, to hurt people, or to exuberate phantasmagorically.

I want to deal with what’s real, come what may, good or bad, and face everything head on. I’m not posting this to be a melodramatic attention whore, but to let people know what’s up. Thanks for reading my blog, and there are still six hundred posts to read while I’m away.