Because. Stuff happens.  Then, it continues to happen.  So why bother stopping?

The life we lead is a life we sometimes follow as well. Other times we walk beside it. It’s ahead of us and behind us and beside us. It needs to calm the fuck down and be with us, yeah?

The mind holds on to what the heart wants to release

Reality competes with ideals and caprice

Repartee parries the thrust of pain

Turning it aside, to the heart’s sweet refrain

What difference does it all make, if you’re not happy, content?

Sometimes materialism, or the quest for the American Dream, makes us strive to be better and better and have more and more

But when you always want more, you can never be happy, never be content. As my friend says, enough is plenty.

Meaning, take care of your triune person, body, spirit and soul (if you believe in that sort of thing). Take care of needs, not wants. The only time you should strive for more, is when attempting to make more people content.

Good night! Oyasumi! Bon nuit! Buenos noches! Oiche maith!