I Love Caulk

I want to say right off the bat that there is nothing better for filling gaps than caulk.

You can find lots of different caulks in most hardware stores. The trick is selecting the right caulk. Some caulks last longer and hold up better, but they are harder to get in tight spots and can make a real mess. Other caulks are great in areas that get wet, but you shouldn’t use this caulk in a place where it will contact food or drinking water.

Polyurethane caulks can sometimes be as good as the real thing, and are usually less expensive and save a lot of time and money. It is also a great caulk to use in the tub or shower – anywhere in the bathroom, really, or even in the bedroom. This caulk is growing in popularity, and many women swear by it because of its ease of use, but it can be hard to use this caulk at first, and cleanup can sometimes be difficult.

Another kind of caulk that is big and getting bigger is cold caulk. Cold caulk can sneak up on you, because it can get stiff and very hard to squeeze out of the tube. You might need to warm it up for a while before you use it. When you’re done using a cold caulk, you need to wrap the tip with some plastic.

You should keep the caulk plugged when you’re not using it, or it will squirt everywhere unexpectedly. If you’re not going to use a caulk for more than a week, you should use a rubber sock. When you do use it, you should use it regularly to keep the caulk nozzle from clogging. Upon use, you can generally use your finger for trowling the caulk into the crevices. Using caulk can be a very messy job, but with practice and patience you can learn how to use your favorite caulk more smoothly and evenly. It is important to make sure the caulk penetrates the crevice completely to ensure a good seal.

Caulks are for use both inside and outside the home. Your use of caulk at the store can be mind-blowing, but not every caulk works well for every job. Caulks are used to fill cracks between things that frequently move, and it is important for them to have a high degree of flexibility. The older caulks almost always became brittle with age, and you will want to replace your caulk frequently There are caulks available to suit just about any purpose, and there is a caulk for just about any need.

Most of all, it is important that you have a lot of fun with a caulk! Choose a caulk! Use a caulk! Enjoy caulk!


51 thoughts on “I Love Caulk”

  1. Ahh wonderful to read. My wife keeps telling me off because every time we have guests over I can’t resist getting my caulk out for them to admire. She’s easily embarrased! But i tell her “it’s no different to you constantly showing everybody your jugs”

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