A fire with light, but not heat

The fire triangle (sometimes tetrahedron) is a construct depicting the three things needed simultaneously in order to have a fire.

The wisps of smoke rise
Should I worry?
Is this anything but smoldering?
Can it happen this close to my skin?
From the inside

1. Fuel, or combustible material

Not looking, but discovering
What are reasons for this?
These leaves which have fallen
Each one evidence for the crime
Of falling slowly
Falling asleep in comfort
Falling into potential arms
A falling out
Will this even burn?
I have my doubts
Could be too wet or
Inherently nonflammable
Inflammable and flammable mean the same thing
Having an ‘in’ makes no difference
When sparks aren’t flying

2. Heat to raise the fuel to its ignition temperature

Eyes like pools, lips of sugar
Just facts compared to the feeling
Of being close, skin on skin
Biting the sensitive parts of the neck
Down the back with soft kisses
Further south, because we know each other
The scent and smell, the taste of love
I pull your hair back, just hard enough
To show you I care
Let you feel my growing excitement
From the inside out
Turning you to face me
I lift you up, ease you down gently
Roughly, gently, we have no preference
No sense of time, just the feeling of release
Breathing, rhythmic, sensuous tasting
Lips locked as below, forming a perfect circle
Completing the circuit as electricity flows like ecstasy
Continuous release, never letting go
One of us wakes up
Dreams are funny things
Daydreams are just hilarious
Would this happen if we could look at each other?
Or would we just laugh, and shake our heads, and wave?

3. Oxygen to sustain combustion

Crucible Giles under stones
I cannot confess this is over
I cannot admit that which is not true
We are smothered, unable to breathe

More weight

These words are puncturing lungs
Blocking airways
Though unspoken with mouth
It feels like a slow choking death
A struggle which becomes Stockholm
Agreeing with the captor

More weight

Who insists all is suffering and should end
All is suffering with no joy
This thing we have, like a fish out of water
Struggling to survive
Was it a gasping ghost
Never real, death an illusion?

More weight

Heavy stones in the mass hysteria called love

Only with all three present can the chemical exothermic reaction called ‘fire’ occur. Take any of them away, and the fire will be extinguished, or prevented from starting.

The three sides of a fire – yours, mine, and the truth.


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